Errors Reference

This page documents common error messages specific to the Xonai Accelerator.

Initialization Errors

This section documents all errors that can happen during initialization.

Mismatching Plugin JAR Version

Xonai plugin was built for Spark 3.1.1 but found 3.2.1.

The Xonai Accelerator JAR version does not match the Spark runtime version.

This message is not expected to show in public cloud environments as the setup process described in the deployment guides will automatically fetch the correct JAR.

Missing Executor Memory Overhead Property

Xonai plugin requires a value for `spark.executor.memoryOverhead`...

The spark.executor.memoryOverhead property is required to be explicitly configured as the Xonai Accelerator uses off-heap memory.

Insufficient Executor Memory Overhead

Increase `spark.executor.memoryOverhead` to at least...

The spark.executor.memoryOverhead property value is considered to be too low for the Xonai Accelerator to run efficiently and needs to be increased.