Upcoming Updates

Learn about upcoming Xonai solution updates.

Spark 3.4.x Support

Xonai plans to add full support for Spark Release 3.4.x, including for associated vendor runtimes (e.g. EMR 6.11.0) mapping to the new release.

Complex Type Support

Xonai plans to add full support for complex data types, starting with Array and Struct types, to unlock more acceleration in applications where the use of such types is abundant.

Visit the official documentation for more information about Spark data types.

Decimal Type Support

Xonai plans to add decimal data type support, which is commonly used to perform arithmetic with currency values. Support for 64-bit decimal types will be introduced first, before adding full 128-bit decimal type support.

Our implementation is expected to be highly efficient, as it will leverage our custom compiler to directly generate machine code to perform most decimal arithmetic.

Spark Test Suite Compatibility

Xonai plans to make it possible for customers to verify runtime compatibility and will open-source a version of the Apache Spark core test suite with some minor modifications required to run it with the Xonai Accelerator.