Xonai Dashboard

The Xonai Dashboard is an open-source Grafana-based application built by Xonai to assist with Big Data infrastructure optimization initiatives where Spark applications are a dominant cost driver.

Why We Built It

Data-driven organizations rely on Spark jobs running on large clusters to power their offerings. As growing cloud costs prompt infrastructure optimization initiatives, engineers often find themselves ill-equipped with generic monitoring tools disconnected from the bottom line: the actual applications driving resource utilization. This disconnect makes it difficult to pinpoint where inefficiencies originate from and wastes valuable engineering time.

The Xonai Dashboard facilitates infrastructure optimization of both Spark applications and their execution environment. It aggregates Spark execution metrics and cloud cost estimates for entire clusters and down to each application to expose optimization opportunities.

In a nutshell, it combines the features of applications such as Ganglia, Spark history server, and EMR console metrics, into one centralized application tailored for the observability and optimization of Spark clusters. It currently supports Amazon EMR and Databricks on AWS.

Read our blog post and check out the project GitHub repository to learn more.